Abandoned Kittens Find a Home Together After Being Discovered in a Box Behind a House

by Megusta

Two inseparable kittens, Binx (ginger) and Salem (flame point), faced a challenging start to life when discovered behind a resident’s home at less than three weeks old. Their bond was so strong that one couldn’t venture far without the other. A compassionate individual heard their cries, finding them in a cardboard box, and was shocked by their dire condition. Swiftly reaching out to the rescue community for assistance, he connected with Caroline Grace from Baby Kitten Rescue.

Responding to the plea, Caroline arranged for a dedicated volunteer, Jessica, to attend to the kittens’ needs. Binx and Salem were not only malnourished but also plagued by fleas and upper respiratory infections. Jessica, fostering for the rescue, took on the task with determination.

After a much-needed bath, Jessica provided nourishment and tender care to restore the kittens’ frail bodies. Abundant cuddles were given to assure them of their newfound safety. As their respiratory issues waned, their vitality surged. With bright eyes and squeaky meows, the kittens began exploring their surroundings.

“While under my care, they started feeling much better, but I noticed Binx’s back legs were sprawled out,” shared Jessica with Love Meow.

Binx, born with swimmer syndrome causing splayed hind legs, found hope in physical therapy and the unwavering support of his constant companion, Salem. Through exercises and stretching, Binx’s legs were completely corrected, eliminating any limitations. The siblings, under the care of foster parent Jayne, continued to thrive, showcasing their loving and playful nature.

As they explored the world, Binx and Salem became inseparable, teaching each other valuable skills. Their sibling bond was evident, and Jayne described them as the most loving and adorable kittens she had ever met. The duo’s infectious joy soon attracted the attention of a couple grieving the loss of their longtime feline companions.

The perfect family saw the unbreakable bond between Binx and Salem and knew they were meant to bring them home. Renamed Juni and Olly, the kittens quickly settled into their new home, captivating their adoptive parents with playful antics, snuggles, and purrs. The inseparable pair continues to share every moment, cozying up in the same bed, filling their forever home with laughter and joy.

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