Lonely Dog Left Behind as All Other Shelter Pets Find Homes at Adoption Event

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The Anti-Cruelty Society’s annual Fall In Love adoption event in Chicago saw a remarkable success this year. Within hours, every adoptable pet in the shelter found a loving forever home, except for one forlorn soul.

Elvis 3

As the event concluded, Elvis, a sweet and hopeful pup, remained without a family to call his own. Despite meeting multiple potential adopters, Elvis was the sole pet left unadopted among the 61 dogs and cats featured at the event.

Heartbroken for Elvis, Emily Shekleton, a shelter staffer, expressed the sadness of seeing the once-bustling kennel now silent. Elvis would watch people pass by his kennel, and the staff and volunteers made extra efforts to shower him with love as he awaited his turn to meet his forever family.


However, Elvis’s story took a positive turn just a few days after the adoption event. News of his plight spread, and a compassionate family stepped forward to offer him the home he deserved. The match seemed destined, as the new adopter happened to be a former Elvis impersonator.

Elvis 4

Elvis had finally found his people, joining the ranks of other fortunate pets who had already found their forever homes. Emily Shekleton joyfully shared, “Elvis has left the building!” His adoption was finalized, and the adopters expressed their readiness to provide him with a cozy bed and an abundance of toys. Despite the usual adjustment period, they were committed to ensuring that Elvis would be cared for, loved, and thoroughly spoiled in his new home.

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