Sheep-guarding canine eliminates 8 coyotes on the farm

by Megusta

Casper, the courageous Great Pyrenees livestock guardian dog from Decatur, is vying for the title of “Farm Dog of the Year: People’s Choice Pup” by the American Farm Bureau. Over a year ago, Casper faced off against a pack of 11 coyotes, bravely protecting the livestock at his home. Now, he needs your support.

To help Casper secure the title, you can vote for him in the contest, where he competes with dogs from across the nation. John Wierwille, Casper’s owner, expressed the belief that Casper deserves recognition, along with the treats and praise that come with the title.

You can cast multiple votes for Casper, but only once per day based on your IP address. Wierwille encourages supporters to be creative in their efforts, suggesting tactics like putting up sticky notes around the house, tying strings to fingers and toes, and voting early and often.

Voting concludes on December 20, and the winner will be announced in January at the American Farm Bureau Convention.

Casper’s journey gained attention when, in November, he confronted a group of coyotes approaching the house at 9 p.m. Wierwille, awakened by the barking, found Casper and Daisy, his fellow canine companion, herding the sheep into a corner to keep them safe. Casper sustained injuries during the encounter, undergoing multiple surgeries, including one to amputate his tail.

For the full story of Casper’s resilience, watch the video below.

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