Stray Pooch Approaches Sanctuary Entrance, Holds Out His Paw in Plea for Rescue

by Megusta

At Off The Grid Animal Sanctuary (OTGAS), ensuring the safety and well-being of its residents is a top priority. Bionca Smith, the compassionate owner of this Texas-based nonprofit, dedicates herself to rescuing and rehabilitating animals of various sizes, showering each one with love and care.

Recently, the sanctuary’s welcoming atmosphere drew the attention of a stray dog in need. A forlorn and unkempt pup approached the sanctuary gate, patiently waiting for assistance. The keen senses of OTGAS’s resident animals alerted them to the newcomer.

In an Instagram post, Smith shared the impromptu arrival of the stray. “He showed up at our gates at our sanctuary 10 minutes ago,” she wrote. Hearing the commotion from the resident dogs, Smith rushed to investigate, discovering the dog peering through the gate.

Despite initial hesitation due to the dog’s size and solemn appearance, Smith sensed he sought help. “I could tell he was looking for help, but his face was a little intimidating to me for a brief moment,” she explained. Overcoming any apprehension, Smith trusted her instincts and approached the dog.

The connection between them was immediate, as if both understood they were in the right place at the right time. The stray, named Deputy by Smith, communicated his need for assistance by extending his paw. Touched by the encounter, Smith welcomed Deputy into the sanctuary with open arms.

As a precaution, Deputy underwent quarantine before mingling with the other residents. During this time, he formed a special connection through a wooden fence with Kumo, the guardian dog and alpha of the pack. Kumo eagerly reached his paw through the fence, establishing a bond with Deputy.

After completing his quarantine, Deputy seamlessly integrated into the sanctuary’s canine community. He now spends his days joyfully running alongside his newfound friends and nights cuddling with his rescuer. Smith shared the positive progress, noting Deputy’s increasing comfort and his ability to make himself right at home.

While Smith envisions finding Deputy a perfect forever home, for now, he is safe and content at OTGAS. In an Instagram comment, she describes him as a “phenomenal, fun-loving dog” who is “living the dream.” Deputy’s story exemplifies the transformative power of compassion and a sanctuary that radiates love.

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